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Menu control in Visual Studio 2008

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martin posted on Fri, Nov 27 2009 11:00 AM

Hi Timothy,

I'm upgrading my development environment to Visual Studio 2008 and have come across an issue when including panels that i've created that register your assembly.

Rather than showing the panel, it gives a message:

 Error Rendering Control - %name%

An unhandled exception has has occured

Object referemce not set to an instance of an object.

I wonder if you'd seen this before and have an answer like you normally do. I think I need to put some entry into my web.config controls section but what that entry would be i'm not quite sure.

thanks for you r help




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Humpty replied on Mon, Nov 30 2009 10:32 PM

I can confirm this happens but at present I don't have a solution. My initial impressions are that Visual Studio is ignoring the custom designer. It only seems to happen in the design view though.

I won't lead you on though and say a fix is forthcoming from me. I've largely abandoned active development of the controls since it seems no one is using them anymore. Yours is the first communication I've gotten about them in years.

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Thanks very much for getting back to me Timothy, I feared that might be the answer.

Very sorry to hear you've abandoned the controls, I personally think they are very good indeed.

If I have other questions on them would you prefer me not to record them on the forums?



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