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  • Precipice

    I stand on the edge of a cliff, a place I've been to before several times. All the roads I follow lead me here. In the past I was afraid of where I ended up, couldn't believe my path ended here...turned my head and created another path, away from the cliff's edge, too dangerous. Invariably, given what I'm writing about, those paths led
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Sat, Nov 19 2011
  • LastTab 3.0t3 released

    Bleary-eyed, but it's released. Truth be told I'd rather not release it right now, but, since Mozilla went ahead and released Firefox 4 I felt I had no choice. Version 3.0t3 is, at this point, more or less the successor to LastTab 2.2 so I'll be releasing it on Mozilla's Add-ons site shortly. I seriously didn't get anywhere near
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Sun, Mar 27 2011
  • LastTab and Firefox 4

    I've been noticing more people coming to my blog using Firefox 4. There is a version of LastTab compatible with Firefox 4 on my web site . I haven't made it available on the Mozilla Add-ons site because I've discontinued work on LastTab 2.x series in favor of 3.x. I haven't considered it functionally equivalent enough to version 2.2
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Wed, Mar 23 2011
  • Things I've learned (from chasing this woman)

    Despite the title this is not, I suspect, going to be a dating adventures post. Rather it's really going to be what I've learned about myself and life as a result of pursuing a woman. Since I view life as a classroom I try to distill lessons from my experiences. I think I'll go the bullet point route in offering up said learnings this time
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Sun, Mar 20 2011
  • Karma in action

    I'm really happy about something that happened today, even if on the surface it sucked. There's a lady I've been trying to pursue for a while at work before my contract ends. It's been hard to gauge how she feels about me. She's very friendly with people, we've had lunch before, she mentioned having dinner, playing tennis. The
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Wed, Feb 23 2011
  • The miseducation of me

    Reading the title to Lauryn Hill's first album was probably the first time the idea of being misinformed entered my awareness. It's kind of funny to think about now but up until then I just never really questioned certain aspects about life. Some years later I was at a rally and someone I worked with mentioned you can't trust the news. It
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Mon, Feb 7 2011
  • Easier arithmetic

    Every now and then I try to challenge myself to mentally calculate numbers. As I improved at this over the years I noticed that division was always especially vexing so I usually just forgot about it and went about my day. Just yesterday I decided to put my mind to it to come up with a more efficient way of mentally dividing numbers than long division
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Sun, Jan 2 2011
  • How do you know the truth?

    This was a question I woke up with last week.
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Sat, Jan 1 2011
  • The value of diversity

    So I learned something today: other people have things to teach me! Haha. It's not a new lesson of course, but there is always the euphoria with having a revelation, even if I've had the same revelation many times before. There's a guy at work I dig into a lot, he was the subject of a previous post. I was looking at some code I had written
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Thu, Dec 23 2010
  • Let me be

    I've been meaning to write this for a while but was never able to because I never had the right mood when I was in front of the keyboard. Today I was thinking about someone at work I somewhat frequently spar with because of his programming designs. I won't get into my specific reasons as that'll sidetrack what I want to talk about, but suffice
    Posted to Blog de Humpty (Weblog) by Humpty on Thu, Dec 9 2010
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